Vegetarianism at MokSHA Bellevue

India: Top Vegetarian

Some experts say that the reason India is a vegetarian country is because of its warm climate that is conducive to growing vegetables. And India has lots of ground to grow vegetables that the need for meat is nil. That is why a non-vegetarian diet is essential in many countries with cold clime.

However, to assume that India is predominantly vegetarian country is not quite correct. A national survey in 2014 indicates that 71% of Indians over the age of 15 are non-vegetarians. The data shows that the Telangana state in southern India (pop. 35million) is 98% non-vegetarian. Other states that are extremely meat, fowl and fish eaters are West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Kerala.

Reports have it that about 28 to 30% only of India’s population are actually vegetarians. The nearest figure to that is 13%, which belongs to Israel, followed by Australia at 11% of its population.

You will find out, though, that the reason for vegetarianism in India is primarily religious beliefs, and to some extent, their caste system. Very few Indians eat beef and pork as cow is sacred to Hindus and Islam prohibits pork. A significant percentage of Indians who eat meat, do so infrequently (like once a month) owing to the high cost of meat and properly cooked meat products. Indians who are vegetarians also consume dairy, eggs, and meat from chicken, lamb, and goat.

Serving Vegetarian at our Bellevue Restaurant

Well known for its penchant towards vegetarianism, and the unique creativity for diverse, tasty and nutritious vegetarian meals, India is the cradle of fantastic veggie cuisine. Here at MokSha, we offer many award-winning dishes to the delight of vegetarians. Meat-lovers as well will enjoy the quality of our cage-free and free range meat offerings. Come over and visit us sometime in Bellevue and you’ll surely find easy favorites.