The Rise of The Spices: Part 2


One of the most versatile ingredients in Indian cuisine. It can also be incorporated in desserts like cakes and ice creams. However, its healing properties are well-known. Cinnamon is extremely powerful in reinforcing the immune system. It is also endowed with prebiotic elements like dietary fiber that promotes the proliferation of good bacteria in the gut. As an antioxidant, it is notable for its anti-tumor effects that may be helpful in battling cancer. 

Use of Spices

These spices are utilized with other herbs and shrubs. With their strong flavour, their suggested proportions should be noted to avoid producing discomfort in the body. For example, black pepper or ginger should not be used in excess as it could cause an upset stomach. Cinnamon, on the other hand, when consumed in high doses, can provoked headaches, nausea, and hypertensive effects. 

India is fortunate to have these spices in abundance, present in many of her famous dishes. Especially during the pandemic season, these ingredients are extremely helpful to improve the human immune system and fight off viruses.


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