The Rise of The Spices: Part 1

Spices As Immunity Boosters  

Did you know that much of India recognizes that many of their favorite spices are immunity-boosting food ingredients? Many people are using common spices to not only flavor their dishes, but to gain immunity for their health. Spices play an integral part of almost every Indian recipe across various cooking styles. Here are some of the most frequently used spices in India and their benefits.


The traditional ingredient, sometimes called the ‘golden spice’, is used in a wide variety of dishes. Its powerful medicinal properties come from curcumin, the main active ingredient that is both anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. It is notable as an immune system booster, a cholesterol-lowering compound, and a remedy for arthritis symptoms. Turmeric also improves brain cognition and reduces the risk of heart disease. It may also prevent certain cancers.

Black Pepper

It used to be called the ‘King of Spices’ and also ‘Black Gold.’ being the first spice discovered thousands of years ago. The major benefits lie in enhancing digestion, detoxifying the body, thus contributing to weight loss. It was said that, when mixed with turmeric, it can prevent certain cancers. The reason being that black pepper has been shown to elevate the body’s absorption of curcumin, and thereby, expanding the latter’s anti-inflammatory effects.