The Rise of the Indian Foodie

Richness and variety of Indian dishes

When you think of Indian cuisine, what do you think of? Chances are good that you’re picturing curries, samosas, naan bread, and some of the other familiar choices you can find at our Bellevue restaurant. However, this is by no means the end of the story.

As big and populous as India is, there is no end to the richness and variety of Indian dishes. Even many natives to the country are not aware of the full scope of Indian cuisine.

Many Indians will often joke about how they become so accustomed to “ghar ka khana”, or “home food” that they never go out to try anything new.

Fortunately, this is starting to change.

In many of the country’s bigger cities, cooks are finding a new willingness to experiment and explore the world of Indian cooking.

With the help of social media and an increased demand for food diversity, they are delving outside of the typical and into the esoteric. Strange new ingredients are making it onto the menu, like ant eggs, silkworm pupae, and pigeon meat.

The problem that these adventurous new chefs are facing is one of profitability. Despite the best efforts of online services specifically designed to connect foodies with exciting new cuisines, such chefs are having trouble turning a profit. Still, many maintain that this is an idea worth pursuing, and that they have only to find the right way to make it work.

If you’ve never taken a step outside of your own comfort zone, consider a trip to MokSHA for some quality, South Indian-style dining. Whether you’re new to Indian food, or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find something to make you happy.