Lamb or Chicken: What’s Your Nutritional Need?

Weighing The Nutrients 

While fruits and vegetables are known health-giving foods, meat can also be extremely beneficial for the body.  As long as you are making the right choices and picking the right cut and cooking it right, you can enjoy the health benefits of eating meat. Actually, the choice comes down to your dietary needs and your personal preference.

A healthy combination of different meats is beneficial.

Chicken has various nutrients that can be beneficial and lamb also carries lots of trace nutrients. So, which is better? It all depends on what you and your body need. Let us look at some specific health needs and find out which between chicken and lamb satisfy the need. 

Weight Loss Benefits

Then chicken is the meat of your choice. One hundred grams of cooked chicken breast contains 165 calories, while 100 gram of lamb sirloin provides 204. Chicken breast may be lower in calories, but you would have to eat lamb frequently for it to adversely affect your weight loss. If you switch from 100 gram of lamb sirloin to 100 gram of chicken breast daily it would result in a reduction of 273 calories per week.

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Part two will be posted next week. Until then, enjoy our diverse dishes of meats at MokSHA Bellevue!