Indian Wedding Catering

Indian weddings can be viewed as a trilogy. Pre-wedding, main ceremony and the post-wedding. The lavish and extravagant presentation of the ceremonies award Indian weddings to be the prime example of grandiose unions. The pre-wedding consists of family gatherings, dancing and light hearted celebrations. The actual ceremony falls on a day in which a Pandit, has preselected in accordance to the bride and groom’s horoscopes.

With variations of Indian games, traditions and a crazy after party, a kind consideration goes to the food. Common misconceptions box Indian food to either spicy or vegetarian but the palatable strong aromas of Indian cuisine make Indian wedding catering an easier option to complete the affair. Traditionally, the parents of the bride coordinate the menu and food was prepared by skilled cooks.

Nowadays, more people opt for Indian wedding catering services due to the ease in arrangements finalized by the catering service. At Spice Route and MokSHA, the traditional flavors of Southern states of India are exhibited as our customers have assortments of cuisines to choose from. Our clients may choose Andra Pradesh which is pronounced the spiciest of the four and incorporates mainly vegetables or lentil. If spice is an issue, a selection of Karnataka cuisine may be prudent as it is described as the mildest. If the majority of party guests are vegetarian, the Kerala cuisine is recommended as they do carry a diverse vegetarian option and finally, the Tami Nadu which is a good mix of spicy and mild.

Like any good gathering, Indian weddings are a combination of culture, traditions, family and the foundation that roots us and bind us together- food. Find out how MokSHA and Spice Route can cater to your special event.