Indian Street Food

On any day, you can expect the streets of India’s larger urban areas to be awash with food vendors advertising their delicious wares. Even here, in its simpler forms, we can see that Indian food can be quite the fascinating experience. You can find all sorts of classic dishes out on the Indian streets, including such favorites as kebabs, lassi, tandoori chicken, omelettes, chaat, aloo paratha, rabri, and many more exciting options.

The Indian street vendors are a far cry from the familiar hot-dog-friers we most commonly associate with street food in the United States; they are culinary artisans, combining a rich selection of traditional spices and sauces into the hearty and flavorful dishes that the country is known for. Some even have their own portable, tandoori-style ovens, where you can watch them press the dough right up against the oven’s inner wall to cook it before your very eyes.