Indian Restaurant

Why Mr. Thanu Started a Restaurant

When Mr. Thanu first came to the United States back in the 90’s, he was struck by the low quality of dining options available.

Having grown up in an environment where fresh, nutritious meals were the norm for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, he was inspired to bring this same standard to his new home.

He therefore set out to start his own Indian restaurant that would serve as an alternative to the many faults he saw in many American restaurants:

  • Lack of Freshness: Many meals he observed were not made from fresh ingredients. They had been frozen, packed in unhealthy preservatives, and contained unnatural hormones and pesticides.
  • Unhealthy Flavor Enhancers: In an effort to enhance flavor in a cheap and easy way, many restaurants pack their foods with sugars, fats, and MSG.
  • High Carbon Footprint: The typical American meal has carbon footprint roughly eight times greater than one prepared at our restaurants.
  • Too Much Meat: The meat dish is often the main part of an American meal, as opposed to the healthier grains and vegetables that make up the bulk of Indian food.
  • Filler Foods: Soy, corn, and flour is too often used as a thickening agent for sauces.
  • Overuse of Potatoes: Potatoes are used in almost every meal.
  • Non-Medicinal Herbs: The herbs used in a meal have a lot of potential to foster a balanced Yin and Yang in the body. Unfortunately, the meals in many American restaurants are either too Yin or too Yang.

How MokSHA is Different

Out of about three hundred Indian restaurants in the greater Seattle area, there are only about five that specialize in South Indian cuisine. A native to the south of India, Mr. Thanu is pleased to offer an authentic South Indian dining experience.

Our restaurants are built around the motto, “Serve Fresh, Healthy, Healing, Sustainable and Tasty food”. We bring out these values in the following ways:

  • Fresh: We do not compromise on quality. All of our meals are prepared fresh in our kitchens. Our sauces are made from scratch, and we use whole spices and fresh produce in our dishes.
  • Healthy: Food should not just be a filler for your body. It should be nutritious and nourishing. This is why Indian food makes use of quality ingredients that give you valuable nutritional benefits. Fresh produce, ginger, garlic, and other seasonings are used in most any meal. Meanwhile, our lamb is hormone-free, grass-fed, and free-range.
  • Healing: Indian cuisine make use of a variety of valuable herbs and spices, including carom, cumin, coriander, fennel, black pepper, cinnamon, star anise, mustard oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, bay leaves, cardamon, turmeric, asafetida, fenugreek, mustard seeds, and more. When used properly, they can foster a healthy balance of Yin and Yang in your body.
  • Sustainable: The ingredients we use and the way we prepare them are significantly more environmentally friendly than the average American meal.
  • Tasty: We have been serving the community for over ten years, with customers who have been coming back for more since the beginning.

We are able to cater to a number of different dining needs, offering halal meats, gluten-free dishes, and numerous vegetarian or vegan options.

What are His Contributions to the Community?

Mr. Thanu believes strongly in making the world a better place. To this end, he contributes to numerous non-profit organizations both throughout the Seattle area and internationally. These organizations have included Doctors Without Borders, ASHA for Education, Tasbeer, Northwest Harvey, Child Relief and You (CRY), the Heifer Foundation, the MS Foundation, Shankara Eye Foundation, and more.

Who are His Customers?

Mr. Thanu’s food has been enjoyed regularly by customers from Microsoft, Google, Eba, Tableau, ILink Systems, the University of Washington, and more.