Experiencing Delhi, Mumbai and Goa: A Food Trip – Part Two


In Maharashtra, in Southwestern India, you can find Mumbai. The region has a long coastline and a tropical climate with months of the monsoon season. Produce like cereals and vegetables vary greatly. Fish and seafood are part of the daily diet along the seaboard while elsewhere, millet, mutton and different seasonal vegetables and lentils predominate. 

There are several sub-regional cuisines, including coastal Malvani-style food in South Konkan, the Vidarbha cuisine, and the ultra-spicy Saoji cuisine of Nagpur. Of course, do not miss the street food scene of Mumbai. Look out for misal pav, vada pav and Bombay grilled chutney sandwiches.

In Mumbai, on the western coast, the food culture has long been shaped by industry and waves of immigration throughout the 20th century. Once it was Bombay, a city full of textile mills, home to India’s film industry and the country’s financial capital. It’s an important port, drawing immigrants from everywhere, so the cuisine is an explosion of flavors.