Experiencing Delhi, Mumbai and Goa: A Food Trip – Part One

Food Destinations with Distinctions   

If you’re talking about India’s capital cuisine, it’s Delhi, the melting pot of all of India’s regions and ethnicities. With the world-famous butter chicken, stuffed parathas, chaat and kebabs, Delhi’s dining scene hosts a variety of international influences, food from any region in India is found here. Tourists and residents go to the noisy lanes of Chawri Bazar and Chandni Chowk for a total experience.

Old Delhi is the street food capital of India.

There are many authentic Delhi dishes here, such as bedmi puri (puffed bread with lentils), chole kulche (a popular breakfast of spiced chickpeas in a curry), nagori halwa (a sweet treat of puffed bread with a semolina- and ghee-based paste) or paaya (trotters). If you want nihari (a slow-cooked meat stew), go to Jama Masjid mosque and Turkman Gate; if you like biryani go to Taufeeq ki Biryani, or enjoy Hussain’s fried chicken.

Explore Tibetan cuisine beyond Old Delhi and love the momo dumplings in the city’s northern parts. And if you want more than momos, close to the Yamuna river is Majnu-ka-Tilla, a residential area with a wide variety of traditional Tibetan foods. There are lots of food stalls and restaurants, serving meaty stews, chicken thukpa (a Himalayan noodle soup) and spicy fried pork with steamed rice.

South Delhi is also a food adventure, home to a vast Afghan settlement of migrant workers, it’s known as Little Kabul. They have rows of Afghan tandoor shops and restaurants here. If you want freshly baked roht (Afghan sweet bread), mantu (lamb and onion dumplings) and juicy mutton kebabs topped with sour spice, go to Kashmiri Lane.